Entrepreneurs need more than just capital.
We help founders to brainstorm ideas, validate business models, develop products, and expand their business using modern startup disciplines.

What is a Startup Accelerator? Startup accelerators help startups achieve their potential faster. Accelerators provide capital, mentors, office space, and guidance to help you create a company. In short, accelerators lower the risk of starting a company. They can help you "fail fast" on your idea and pivot to a profitable business model.

betaFACTORY is a pure startup accelerator, modeled after Techstars and Y Combinator in the USA. We are an indepedent accelerator and have partnerships with many of the key players in the Norwegian startup ecosystem.

As a company in betaFACTORY, you can expect:

  • Access to Capital

    Access to Capital betaFACTORY invests about 100 kNOK in each company... enough to test the initial idea. Past companies have raised over 10 mNOK in outside capital from our network of investors.

  • Mentorship

    Excellent Mentors Our mentor network includes some of Norway's top entrepreneurs and executives. Their advice can be invaluable at helping you with challenges and opportunities.

  • Education

    Education Starting a company requires a wide range of skills and tools. betaFACTORY helps strengthen founders' understanding of all aspects of entrepreneurship.

  • Access to Capital

    Resources betaFACTORY gives companies free office space and other resources to help founders focus on building a great company.

  • Access to Capital

    Connections Through our mentor and investor networks, we help startups build valuable connections to the business community to find new customers and partners

  • Education

    Visibility As a startup in betaFACTORY, we work to give you visibility to media and partners that are not easily reached. Our Demo Day is a great way to show off your company to a large audience.

Our team is focused on helping
Norwegian startups
reach their global potential
Mentor Network
Our mentors come from the top levels of the
technical industry in Norway, Europe and the United States.
Their advice and guidance can be critical to helping entrepreneurs
to create the next great Norwegian startup.
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Demo Day
December 18, 2013
Demo Day for the Fall 2013 cohort of betaFACTORY is December 18, 2013, from 8:30am until noon. After months of intensive work, the teams are finally ready to introduce their businesses to investors, partners, and customers.

Come experience the next generation of hot Norwegian startups. All members of the startup community are welcome, but we ask that you sign up here.

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  • Does betaFACTORY cost money? No! In fact, betaFACTORY invests in each company that joins the program. We do not charge to be a member of betaFACTORY. We only get paid when your startup is successfully sold or listed... the perfect alignment of interest!

  • Why do I have to apply? The application is very simple... just a bit of information about you and your project. The final decision will be made after an interview with the betaFACTORY team.

  • What types of companies can apply? We love all types of startups. We've invested in children's iPad apps, shipping analytics, e-commerce platforms, accounting software. Unless you need a large amount of capital to build an oil rig, chances are your startup could benefit from betaFACTORY.

  • What are you looking for in a startup? Our years of experience dealing with startups can be broken down to one key feature... the team. We invest in people, and we trust those people to make a great company. We love business models that can scale easily. We love products that solve real problems. We love markets that are ripe for disruption. But unless you have the right team, a startup isn't worth anything.

  • Do you give office space? betaFACTORY will provide office space for your team during the 100-day program. You can keep your existing office, but we ask that you spend enough time at our office to meet mentors and attend events.